Hyperrealistic Paintings

Technique and Work

For her hyper-realistic paintings, Susanne Wehmer uses the traditional technique of oil paint with a medium of turpentine and linseed oil, but on modern and industrial surfaces such as plexiglas or aluminum. The smooth surface of these supports gives a smooth and glossy texture to her paintings, just as coated paper for magazines. Pictorical references as canvas texture and brush strokes are totally eliminated to reach an almost photographic result.

All works are painted with brushes on plexiglas or aluminium.

Recent Work – Experimentation with new supports as tree bark or handcrafted paper

Portratis series with superpositions on different surfaces (plexiglas, aluminium, papyrus, brass or coloured translucent plexiglas)

“Sweet Paintings” – Paintings of sweets and desserts

Susanne Wehmer - Hyperrealistic painting - Japan Series

“Japan Series”